Design ideas!  Prototypes!  Samplemaking!  Couture Designs can assist with the pattern and construction of samples for  Designers.  We can do your samples for lingerie, day wear, sportswear, outerwear, and evening gowns. We can also assist in the sewing of non  related garment projects.

See some of the designers we have worked with in the past below:


NeoVintage reproduces classic American designer fashions of the 1930s and 1940s  using fabrics reminiscent of the originals and patterns updated to fit  the figure of today's modern woman. The fitted, feminine collection is  targeted at a customer base of women aged 28 to 50 who yearn for a time  when fashion flattered the natural curves of the female figure. The  collection of this Sacramento, Calif.-based company provides the  superior craftsmanship that was once standard in off-the-rack clothing.  "This is clothing that you can hand down to your daughters  if they  haven't already stolen it from your closet," said CEO Lise Hayes.  "Designers like Claire McCardell, Ceil Chapman and Tina Leser return us  to glamour and elegance in dressing. It's the trend that women have been waiting for," NeoVintage's Spring 2006 line is now exclusively at  Couture Designs.

Below are samples and sewing by Couture Designs:

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Luxurious, sophisticated, and timeless --- Galindo designs at once capture the eye and accommodate one's comfort. Galindo's inspiration for her intimate  couture collection comes from the 1920's, '30's and '40's; years which  symbolize refinement and which fill the imagination with opulence and  grandeur. Galindo adheres to the individual artistry of this earlier era by producing garments sewn with meticulous care and adorned with unique works of art.  This attention to detail reveals Galindo's desire to  revive the humanism to praise the artistry of the dressmaker,  seamstress, embroiderer and to perpetrate a reverence for the time  involved in such an artistic process.

Dreams do come true. Kim Caldwell, owner of Couture Designs, was the one  person who saw my dream and helped make it happen. Without her expertise in sewing techniques, her meticulous care in pinning, and her patience in cutting $1000.00 per yard fabrics on the bias, Melanie Griffith would never of had a gown to wear to the 2000 Oscars!!  Kim is a perfectionist and has a talent which is slowly dying in the United States and that is of a Couture seamstress.

Thank you for making my dreams come true and I know there are more dreams out there!!!!

Elizabeth Galindo

To the right are projects designed by Galindo and produced by Couture Designs.




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