Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How much does it usually cost to have a Wedding gown altered?

Every gown is so unique in construction and materials that it is hard to give an estimate without seeing the actual gown.  I have had some brides email me a photo of them in the dress or of the dress.  I can occasional ball park certain alteration costs.  Truly the best way is to set an appointment and come in and try the dress on for me.  I reserve the right to charge or not charge for that consultation time.  The fee if charged would be $20.  That fee can be applied to the alteration of the dress if you choose to have us perform the alterations.  

2)  What is the average price of making a Wedding Dress?

Very much like altering a Wedding Gown the unique construction involved with the design and fabric selection makes a difference.  The custom Wedding dress is estimated by the pattern making time involved, the time to cut out all of the pieces involved, and the labor of constructing the gown.  The total time involved is written up in hours and multiplied by the shops hourly rate ($60 an hour).  In a second section the material costs and notions are listed.  For example, a very simple sheath dress with no embellishment and or details might be $500 and can go on up to $5,000 dollars or more in labor.

3)  How long does it take usually to make a Wedding Dress?
A custom made gown should generally be started approximately 6 months ahead of time.  I have certainly done gowns in less time.  The turn around time also depends on the work load in progress currently at the studio.

4)  What is the cost of having a custom made suit?

I only make custom suits for women.  The price depends on the fabric and style and if I am making or copying for the pattern.  A very general idea is that a fully lined straight skirt with vent or slit is $270.00 for
labor.  That is based on 4.5 hours of work.

5)  Can you restyle a garment?

Most definitely!  Lots of creativity is involved in this process.  We can take away or add to an existing garment.  We have made pants into skirts, dresses into tops and skirts, added to skirts together to make
one, etc……   

6)  Can the shoulders be taken in on a jacket?

Yes within reason.  If you are looking to cut it down several sizes I would not advise this.  We can take the shoulders in some but keep in mind that when they come in the sleeve gets shorter. 

7)  How many sizes down can you re-cut a garment?

It depends on the garment and the body type.  Pants are generally only 1 or maybe 2 sizes.  Skirts usually 2 or 3 sizes.  If there is a lot of fabric in an item we can take it apart and use the fabric to make a new garment.

8)  Do you have to have a pattern to make a garment?

No.  You can bring me a garment to copy or and old tattered piece to take apart.  I do an etching on the existing garment to create the pattern without taking it apart.
9)  Can you make something from a picture?

Generally yes.  The more details I can get the better.  You can also bring in your own drawing.  You can also have combinations of pictures put together.

10)  Is having something made from scratch expensive?

It is not inexpensive.  Custom does not compare to ready to wear by any means.  We are generally making only one of something to a very specific measurement for you.

11)  How much would it cost for a custom Gown?
Each garment is so very different.  I would plan on starting at about $1000.00 for the labor

12)  How much time does it take to have a custom gown made?

Plan on at least 8-12 weeks depending on the complexity and my current work load.

13)  How much does it cost to have a pair of pants hemmed?

Unlined $18
Lined $20
Cuffed unlined $20
Cuff lined $22.

14)  Where is the business located?

The address is 3097 Fair Oaks Blvd.  Sacramento Ca. 95864

It is a little tricky the first time.  The close cross street is Morse Ave.  On the corner of Morse Ave and Fair Oaks Blvd is the Business Blood Source and we are located next door to them. 

The business is in an older building that looks more residential than commercial.  There is a small park out front.  The building is set back off Fair Oaks Blvd. in a semi circle that is Mills Rd. 

I have a very small sign in the window that is not visible from the street.  You are looking for the address on the overhang.  We are the unit that is closer to the street.   Parking is directly in front of the building.

15)  What is the turn-around on an alteration?

Most of the time one week.  However during peak periods it can be 10 days to 2 weeks.

16)  Can I just drop by and pick-up my things without an appointment?

An appointment is preferred.  This way I can give my full attention to the client that has an appointment.  If my assistant is working you can make arrangements to pick-up with her.

17)  Why do I need an appointment?

This allows me to give my full attention to your specific needs.  My focus is specifically addressed to what we are doing for you.

18)  Do you carry fabric?

No, I can swatch for you and order materials.  I can also give you suggestions of places for you to look and the types of fabric you should be looking for.


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